Joseph M. Burza
Ing. Joseph M. Burza PhD.

  • holder of a silver medal of the President of the Slovak Republic
  • worked as an expert for Eastern Europe in world-famous Banc d' Sabadell
  • first Slovak graduate at Royal Diplomatic School in Madrid
  • graduate of Diplomatic Academy in Vienna
  • founder and president of
    Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • honorary member of International WHO'S WHO, Washington, DC
  • publisher of magazine CANADA Exclusive        
    in the cooperation with the company Air Canada
  • vice-president worldwide club SC PEN
  • director of Asociación Hispano - Eslovaca
  • author of books How to become a Canadian
    and I want to live in Canada

Sport: karate (master of the Slovak Republic).

kanadský veľvyslanect Otto J. Jelinek

J. Burza in the meeting with Canadian ambassador to the Slovak and Czech Republic Otto J. Jelínek.

Tomáš Baťa

Joseph Burza handing over symbolic prize to Mr. Tomáš Baťa for his help to Slovak immigrants in Canada.

Mikuláš Dzurinda, Joseph Burza, Rudolf Schuster

Joseph Burza during the friendly meeting with the president Rudolf Schuster and prime minister Mikuláš Dzurinda.

Stanislav Opiela, generálny prokurátor SR Milan Hanzel

On the 23rd of March in 2005 Joseph Burza, director of company Hagiel with new enumerated Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa Stanislav Opiela. Milan Hanzel, ex-general prosecutor of the Slovak Republic and a co-worker of the company Hagiel also took a part of the meeting.

španielska kráľovná Sofia

Joseph Burza at unofficial meeting with Spain queen Sofia, whom he knows already from the time spent in Spain.

Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen

Successor to the throne Austria- Hungary, Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen became on 13rd of March in 2013 honorary vice-president of Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Julian Juhasz Managing Director obchodnej komory v Toronte

Joseph Burza and Julian Juhasz, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Toronto.

Rudolf Schuster

Rudolf Schuster handed in the company Hagiel Memorable medal of the President of the Slovak Republic to Joseph Burza.

Michal Kováč s manželkou Emíliou

Former President of the Slovak Republic Michal Kováč with his wife Emília during the visit at the firm Hagiel.

Peter Šťastný legendárny hokejový reprezentant

Legendary hockey representative Peter Šťastný during the visit at the firm Hagiel.

Arcibiskup Mons. Ján Sokol

Archibishop Mons. Ján Sokol, under whom belong Slovak priests from abroad (therefore also in Canada), during the visit at the company Hagiel, with which it cooperates during the promotion of believer community of Slovaks and Czechs in Canada.
Guvernér Národnej banky Slovenska Ivan Šramko, Michal Kováč, Joseph Burza

Governor of the National Bank of the Slovak Republic Ivan Šramko during the meeting at the company Hagiel.

From the left: Ivan Šramko, Michal Kováč, Joseph Burza