Provincial nominees

Provincial nominees

Provincial nominee program PNP

Another way of obtaining the permanent residence in Canada is to use one of many programs offered by each province and territory. In general, the smaller the interest of new immigrants on a given province, the conditions of programs are broader and less strict. Each program, however, requires the candidate to have any kind of a relationship to the selected province.

Most of the time it happens to be the work done in the province (6-12 months) and also the job offer from a local employer. Sometimes it is sufficient to have a family in the targeted province (in Manitoba it is sufficient to have a friend or a distant family), sometimes you need to have a business plan ready for a start-up business or interest to buy and operate a farm. There are some programs in which a person may make an application under the completion of a study at the concrete place. But most of the time every province and territory offers several options.

Due to constantly changing programs and conditions of programs, if you would be interested in some province, you can look at the site of the provincial program (English or French), or contact us directly.

Province programs of each province and territory: