Authorized Physicians for Canada

Authorized Physicians for Canada



Dr. James Beltran

Chief medical examiner of Immigration section of Canadian Embassy in Vienna
(He is assessing the health status of applicants for study, work and permanent residence in Canada)






Authorized Physicians in Slovak and Czech Republic

Dobrodenkova           Rozinova         Patockova

MUDr. Silvia Dobrodenková   MUDr. Ľubica Rozinová        MUDr. Jitka Patočková

Bratislava                                 Bratislava                              Prague

Medical examination consist of:
urine collection (persons over 5 years) to investigate proteins, X-ray of the lungs (persons older than 11 years) to investigate Tuberculosis, blood collection (persons older than 15 years) to investigate HIV and syphilis