Work in Canada | Immigration to Canada

We are the only one specialized company in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria for immigration and work in Canada.

Our company is leader in the middle Europe for securing Permanent Residence in Canada. Through the company immigrated more than 4,800 applicants not only from Slovakia and the Czech Republic but also from other countries e.g. the US, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, Jamaica, Egypt, Syria, Portugal, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

Hagiel is in business since 1995 which makes it clearly the company with the longest history and huge experience in the field of immigration to Canada. The positive references come not only from the enormous amount of successful Slovaks and Czechs but also from the common people who obtained their success after immigration to Canada.

In the case of people with the University degree, the company Hagiel is 99% successful, whereas with the applicants who obtained secondary diploma, Hagiel is 91% successful. These impressive results had been awarded in various experts' magazines and publications.

For our clients we provide:years in business