Phone calls

Phone calls

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Many Canadians spend hours making phone calls, because Canada is one of the countries with the lowest charges for the calls in the world. Local Call costs 25 cents regardless of the call duration. However, if you own a phone, the price of the monthly fee includes all the local calls. To install the phone at home it is enough just to reach the nearest telephone company, prove yourself with an identification document and for a fee of $200-$300 they will install the phone line in your house. The device can be bought or rented from the company.

Mobile Network Operators

After arriving to Canada for a longer period it is not reasonable in terms of price to use 

Slovak SIM card in roaming. Almost all newer 

phones and smartphones will connect to the frequency of Canadian mobile phone operators, so you do not have to change the phone. Just make sure that your phone is not blocked by the previous operator. 

Attention! Do not forget that Canada charges incoming calls if it does not include in your monthly fee.

So how to do it: Choose a phone company. Each of them offers a lot of Plans, where you need to sign the contract for 12-24 months or you choose a Prepaid Plan without signing the contract.

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You can also buy prepaid card „Pay-As-You-Go cards“, costs around $25 and lasts for about 60 minutes of calling withing Canada.

Form of calling

  • Emergency number (ambulance, firemen, police) - 911
  • Operator - 0
  • Information about the telephone numbers:
    • local - 411
    • other numbers - 1 + area code + 555 1212
  • Local Calls selects only the 7- or 10-digit phone number. For example, 555-5555 or (416) 555-5555.
  • Long Distance – within North America enter the three-digit area code + 1 place + 7-digit telephone number. For example, 1 (604) 555-5555.
  • Long Distance – Overseas Calls selects the 011 + country code + area code + local phone number. For example, 011-421-911-424435.

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Phone companies

Virtual mobile operators

Except the major operators there exist also virtual operators like in Slovakia, for example FunFón.