Flight tickets

Flight tickets


For a touristic, short-term visit to Canada, each visitor must have a return ticket for home travel or at least for leaving Canada. Participants in International Experience in Canada may have a return ticket or one-way ticket plus cash to buy a return ticket (about $ 1000 CAD). People coming permanently to Canada or for work over 12 months, a one-way ticket is also sufficient. Beware, a one-way ticket is often more expensive than a return ticket.


Ticket prices depend on the following factors:

Target Destination Canada: The closer the destination is, the more flights there, the cheaper the ticket is.

The class: Most passengers fly so-called. Economic class, which is the most cost-effective. Much more expensive (up to several times) are business class and first class.

The age of the traveller:

  • Children less than 2 years old without a seat entitlement usually pay 10% of the fare;
  • Children age from 2 to 12 accompanying adults usually pay 25-50% of the fare;
  • People under 26 have different youth discounts.

Ticket type: One way or return

Season type: The most expensive tickets are during the so-called high season, which means July, August and the second half of December (Christmas season).

Number of transfers: In general, direct flights are more expensive than flights with several transfers. Flights with multiple transfers take longer and most of the airport charges are added to them. The reason for the cost-effectiveness of multi-transfer flights is much greater combination of flights.  ATTENTION when moving to Canada. If you arrive an emigrant or a work permit, you are handling all formalities at the first airport in Canada, whether you're still flying or not. Therefore, give yourself enough time (about 4 hours) for such a change, so that you do not miss the next flight It does not mean that you will be examining for a long time, but you will get advice which is equipped slower than normal tourists. The length of the "openness" of the ticket. This point only applies to two-way flights, with the fact that the ticket is more open, the more expensive it is.

Open-ended plane tickets: Usually longer open air tickets are more expensive.Open ticket means that the return date is not fixed. The date of the first flight is set (although typically this can be changed for a fee). All open tickets must be used within a specific timeframe (at best 1 year).

Time of booking the ticket: In general, it is valid, that tickets purchased in advance (2-4 months) are cheaper, on the other hand tickets bought at the last minute can be at the promotion prices (last minute).



Mostly, in the class you may have one baggage weights up to 23 kg at no extra charge. For overweight luggage (maximum weight of one luggage is 32 kg) or if you have two luggages, an extra cost is charged at the airport. Every company may have different terms and conditions. In addition to the mentioned luggage, 1 piece of hand luggage with a maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm and which it can be permitted 6 kg per person.  In hand luggage are permitted No sharp objects (such as knives, weapons, scissors ...).

In the luggage can not be transported: gases, hearths, charges and explosives, poisons and radioactive material and other dangerous substances. The most suitable is fixed and lockable luggage. Each piece of luggage must be carefully marked by name and address.