Electronic Registration (Electronic Travel Authorization eTA)



Canada introduced for people with visa-free travel to Canada, a mandatory registration charged by the amount of 7 CAD per person. Authorization to enter Canada is valid five years or until the end of validity of the passport (if the passport expires in less than 5 years). This application applies to Czechs, Slovaks and othersonly if they would come to Canada by plane and none of these of the following exceptions do apply to them.

Registration does not apply to persons who:

  • is a holder of a work or study permit
  • is holder of an immigration visa
  • is a citizen of the United States
  • is coming to Canada by land or sea
  • has a permanent residence in Canada
  • is a member of the aircraft
  • is accredited diplomat

For the registration it is necessary to have:

  • valid e-mail
  • valid credit card
  • valid passport

Link to registration page:

Link for check a validity of your eTA: Check a valiadity of eTA

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A holder of the Slovak passport going to Canada for the purpose of tourism does not need visa. But Slovaks travel to Canada by plane must have valid electronic Travel Authorization eTA.  When entering the country he/she will receive permission to stay for 6 months (maximum by the expiry of the passport). Permission to stay is in the form of the stamp in the passport where is the very latest date of the leaving the country stated.

When in doubt about the honor intend to stay in the country, the migrant workers may shorten the residence permit, or even refuse entry to the territory of Canada. 

Persons who have been previously deported from Canada or the entry to the territory of Canada have been refused are advised to apply for a visa at the Canadian embassy, despite the fact that they are holders of a Slovak passport.

When entering the territory of Canada, a person may be called upon to demonstrate that he/she has all the elements required for entry. And those are:

  • valid passport, passport must be valid for at least one day after the scheduled departure from Canada
  • travel document (flight ticket), certifying that the person has paid the traffic by which he/she will leave the territory of Canada within the validity of the residence permit
  • sufficient cash resources to cover the costs of stay (not enough to show the credit card, a person must carry the cash, but it does not necessarily have to be the Canadian dollar)
  • health insurance for the entire stay
  • in the case of longer-term stays it is required to have a trip plan / stay (does not have to made in writing) and address / addresses where the person will stay


Extend the stay for tourists

A person who wants to stay in Canada for more than six months, must at least 30 days before the expiry date of the current license submit an application for extension of residence permit. Such a request shall be made in writing or online. The handling fee is 100 Canadian dollars. By submitting the application the applicant has automatically received a legal residence in Canada, until he/she receives the decision for extending the residence permit. Even if the current permit will in the meantime expire. If the decision is positive, the applicant will receive a residence permit for up to an additional 6 months after hopping force prior. If the decision is negative, the applicant needs to as soon as possible leave Canada. In this case it is recommended to leave Canada within two weeks and to alert the immigrant workers when leaving Canada at the airport.

This is the way it is possible to extend the stay several times. While during the second renewal of residence the applicants are usually invited to complete a medical examination by an authorized physician.

If a person leaves Canada, even for one day, on re-entry to Canada (if all goes smoothly) will get back a residence permit for six months and does not have to apply for an extension of a residence permit.


People who do not need to prolong the permission

Persons who are holders of a work or a study permit automatically receive the residence permit in Canada throughout the period of validity of the license. Therefore, they do need to apply for the extension of the residence permit. However, if a person is interested in further stay in Canada, 30 days before the end of one of these permits, the person may apply for a change of status in Canada to a tourist as well as the approval permit for further stay.