How to start

How to Start the process

If the applicants have any doubts or concrete questions, regarding the Canada, feel free to contact us either by phone or by email.

If the they have no physical presence on the territory of the Slovak or the Czech Republic it is possible to dispose the application by email, post or by phone, where it is recommended to find a representative (family member or a friend) either in the Slovak or the Czech Republic who will on his behalf apply for some documents (e.g. confirmation from the employer, criminal records, etc.).


Every applicant for a residence in Canada has 3 basic options:


1 Fill in a Preliminary Questionnaire

If the candidate does not know whether he / she is a suitable candidate, he / she can fill in Preliminary Application Questionnaire. By completing this form, we will collect the information necessary to assess your suitability for the selected type of stay in Canada. It is important for each adult applicant to complete it for himself. By completing the form, you do not bind yourself and this rating is free of charge.


2 Direct access to the process

Applicant pay fee for selected service by cash, Postal money order or bank transfer. Then the applicant will receive in person, by email, or by post all the information needed regarding the immigration until receiving the immigrant visa. When meeting in person the process is chronologically explained to the applicant and all the questions are answered.


3 Take part in the initial informative consultation

Consultation is in person and has to be always booked in advance for an exact hour and a date during the time from 9 am until 4 pm. Later consultations are possible under an agreement of both parties. It is advised to bring with yourself the certificates of completion of education and work experience, eventually a professional resumé. Conversation can be realized through thephone or Skype.

Consultation consists of: 

  • detailed description of the chronology of the process with the presentation of all important documents which accompany the process of immigration, estimation of the length of the whole procedure;
  • detailed interpretation of receiving the permanent residence status, a preview of all supporting documents which are necessary to provide after arrival to Canada (Confirmation of Permanent Residence, SIN, Health Card, Canadian Driving License, etc.);
  • familirization with the manuals preparing for a license and obtaining Canadian citizenship;
  • in the case of engaged couples the main applicant is suggested, the one from the couple who is more likely to have better conditions for immigration and who will have higher score by Canadian Immigration Office;
  • preliminary score of the candidate;
  • in the case of unsuitability of the applicant for the immigration to Canada, a proposition of possible steps and changes will be presented that would lead to the success of an application;
  • recommendations on the suitable province or city in Canada;
  • explanation of possibilities of getting a job in the original or desired field after arrival of the candidate, eventually an interview with a potencial Canadian employer;
  • information about the possibility of accommodation (renting a room, apartment, house - furnished, unfurnished), short-term accommodation for few days, price of the accommodation according to the type and a city location;
  • asked questions will be answered (language courses, arranging the transport from the airport, air tickets and transfer of the belongings, long-term leaving Canada, sponsoring relatives, mortgages, recognition of education, joining the professional associations, pre-school for children, primary, secondary and universities/colleges, visiting the U.S., business in Canada- establishment of Inc., Ltd., Propietorship, or Partnership, health care, etc.).