Study in Canada

Study in Canada


Why to study in Canada?

Canada offers top-class education in English and French in nice environment. Canadian academic certificates are accepted and appreciated around the world. Over 250 000 foreign students make use of the opportunity to study in Canada every year. These can also receive precious work experience because of the work permit an addition to study. Tuition fees for the students from abroad as well as the cost of living belong to the lowest ones of the comparable countries. Primary and secondary schools offer special programs to students from abroad including teaching of English and French. Many of them offer a stay in Canadian family. Study in Canada brings unique cultural experience in beautiful and secure environment.


Work for the foreign students

  • Work on-campus
  • International students of chosen public and private universities (list of schools) which study program is longer than 6 months can) work off-campus work on a student permit (without making a request for a work permit). That means, 20 hours per week during the school year and unlimited number of hours during the holidays.
  • Another program that exists for students is for those who have the internship as a part of their studies in Canada. These students will apply and receive the work permit altogether with the request of student permit.
  • Foreign students after the final completion of studies (which lasted at least 8 months) and acquiring of the diploma, have the opportunity to receive a work permit of which the validity is the same as the length of the study (at least 3 years).


Language schools

Thanks to the tradition of bilingualism have the Canadian schools became with one of the most sought-after language programs of French and English in the world.  Language course are provided by private, non- profit language schools and also by all universities and colleges. All of these institutions accept students all year round and for different length of the studies. If you choose to study the languages in Canada, you better chose the province and town where you want to study. This website can help you to find more information


Study at the university

The quality of the Canadian universities is considered to be definitely high. Research and development is here twice as big as in the comparison with any other country in the G8 and students often become a part of the research projects already during the Bachelor studies. An outstanding source of information about Canadian universities is this website Start to communicate with the admission office of the chosen university at least one year before the planned start of the studies.


On-line study

Canadian Internet and on-line study belongs to the world’s peak. Most of the universities offer almost all of the courses on-line. Today, 100 000 of students make use of the on-line courses. Foreign students can for example finish one or two on-line courses as a preparation for studies in Canada, or receive the title, diploma or certificate without leaving their home. Search for information more in detail on this website


Acceptance of the foreign diploma

Every Canadian school provides its own conditions of acceptance to study.  To find out whether your educational background meets the requirements of the Canadian school you need to contact the admission office of the school. Here you find the official list of registered Canadian schools that are authorized to issue academic title, diplomas and certifications


Visa requirements for students

If you choose to study in Canada for more than 6 months, you need to receive a student permit before the departure from the Embassy to the Canada in Vienna. The foreign students, who choose to prolong their study stay, need to apply for it at least one month before the expiry of the current stay. After the letter of acceptance from the Canadian school, the application of a study permit is handed in on-line.


Study expenses

The tuition fees differ from school and province where you want to study. In addition to these expenses you need to add the cost of living (accommodation, food, books, pocket money, etc.). Total expenses (tuition fees and cost of living without the flight ticket) are about 15 000 - 30 000 CAD per year. To have the clearer picture of the expenses use the calculator on after entering the chosen school and program. These expenses can be lowered or covered by the scholarship and participation on research projects or classes.


Scholarship for the foreign students

There is very little financial aid available for the Slovak students and only after the Doctoral degree. Each university offers its own individual or province scholarships. We recommend to first contact their school and ask with which Canadian universities they have contract so that they can study for free. Information about the scholarships for the Slovak and Czech students as well as the scholarships provided by private foundations you could find here

Source: Canadian mosaic